Monday, April 28, 2008


A quick shot of some meals and whatnot that we've had in the past week (plus some shots of my dogs, because I love them)!
Tofu tacos w/ refried beans, lettuce and tofutti sour cream (plus a small side salad w/ spicy mustard dressing)
Red lentil and green pea curry w/ barley & pappadams

Not food, just P-Bo being himself
Grilled Teese w/ Spinach Pesto & Tomatoes

Seitan fajitas w/ Mexican Sheese spread, lettuce and avocado (plus small side salad w/ spicy mustard dressing)

Ruby Lynn in deep thought...

Seasoned Tomato Sammich on Rye bread w/ Toffutti Cream Cheese (plus a small side salad w/ yummy Miso Tahini dressing)

Dark Chocolate covered Joe-Joe's

Teese Pizza w/ Tofurky Hot Dogs


Sorry for the lack of posts lately; we've been so crazy with work (and the fact that i'm getting harrassed at work more so than ever for being vegan, yay), taking care of the yard and having a large out of pocket expense come-up recently that it has left very little time for proper cooking.

We've eaten a lot of junk during the past week; vegan burgers, fries, pizza, tacos and so forth. I did make a yummy veggie curry and barley dinner one night (which made enough for many lunches!!) as well as salads and tasty low-fat hopefully that has offset some of the bad stuff we have had!

I'm hoping to post again tomorrow some photos of the better dinners we've had and hopefully some of the delicious items i'll have scored at the farmers market tomorrow night!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I must be a glutton for sleep deprivation, drinking 2 shots of espresso at 10:00pm on a work night.

I've had an awesome jam-packed weekend and even though today was pretty hectic, I had an excellent night!

I attended the Gene Baur reading & booksigning at the Borders in Buckhead this evening. It was the first animal rights related reading i've been to (the last one I planned on going to was canceled a few days beforehand), so I wasn't sure what to expect. I enjoyed every moment and was so glad I went. Gene Baur is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject and was so well spoken and just a delight to listen to. There were quite a few folks there, including a class from Morehouse college, so it was really a great turnout. Some good questions were asked afterwards and I left feeling very elated and ready to tackle the world (I also came home to some pamphlets I ordered from COK - so anyone who wants to go leaflet with me sometime here in Atlanta, let me know!).

I purchased his book beforehand and he signed it with a very nice message! It was great to talk to him for a little while and thank him for coming to Atlanta.

I didn't realize until the last moment that I had my camera with me, so I didn't have time to adjust the please forgive me for the dark, out of focus shots I took.

As for our weekend, we were out and about for most of it, so I wasn't doing too much cooking or baking at home (though I did make 2 dozen peanut butter cookies from the Damn Tasty Vegan baking cookbook Thursday night). We ate out at Soul Vegetarian Friday night and as usual, left completely satisfied and very full. I had my favorite meal there, BBQ cauliflower w/ macncheese and collard greens. YUMM. Mondo had the crispy tofu cutlets w/ sweet potatoes and collard greens. We both had some of their delicious vegan chocolate ice cream afterwards. I don't have any photos of what we ate, since it's kind of dark in there in the evenings, but trust me - it's amazing.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Organic market being held behind Sevenanda and stopped by the booth that Dulce Vegan and Cosmos Vegan Shoppe were sharing. I kicked myself after we left for not getting a photo of Howell from Dulce Vegan and Leigh from Cosmos together! I bought a SUPERB lemon scone from Dulce Vegan and Mondo got some scrumptious ginger lemon cupcakes. We contemplated buying more but decided we shouldn't overdo it! I bought some tasty Pure bars from Leigh along with some vegan jerky bites that we hadn't tried before. We cruised around East Point later, then went and bought some flowers to plant in the front yard and came home and used up the last of our Teese for pizza!! I really need to go to the farmers market, so our pizza consisted of what we had on hand: roasted peppers, tomato sauce, spinach pesto and teese. It was so simple and delicious that we made 2 and polished them off that night!

Sunday was adoptions and we had a few new dogs looking for their forever home. This is Bean, she was found by a police officer on the side of a busy road in Decatur. Doesn't she look like a pinto bean?! She looks a little scruffy in this photo, but this was taken when she was first brought into the vets office that helps the rescue group after being found. 4 weeks later she now has a beautiful, shiny coat and healthy teeth. She is very sweet, playful and loves to give kisses! Don't you just wanna take her home?!

I hope everyone out there had a lovely weekend, too! Spring is definitely sticking around here in Atlanta, so i'm looking forward to spending more time outdoors and more time trying new recipes in the kitchen!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I <3 Teese

Thanks to Leigh at Cosmos Vegan Shoppe for saving me the VERY LAST pound of Teese in their stock (don't worry, she said there will be more in by the end of the week for your fix). Thanks Leigh!!!!

I just love living in the same city as this rad store. I'm always so happy when we go there and I always find something new to try. Along with the Teese (which came in a very phallic shape that makes for plenty of jokes at home), I picked up their new tote bag (so cute and roomy!), a copy of The Damn Tasty Vegan baking guide, multivitamins, tartex (we love it on water crackers), a dark chocolate bar w/ raspberry filling (I can't recall the brand, but it was for Mondo) and a Sweet & Sara's s'more (for me).

I did some gardening when we got home (which resulted in an eye injury, haha). I was a little beat after that and had about 75% of my vision, so I got started on dinner a little later than usual. We had planned to start simple with the teese, to get a good taste of the flavor before going crazy and using it on everything. We had bought some tasty lookin' sourdough bread earlier in the week and decided on Grilled Teese on Sourdough sandwiches. YUMM.

The Teese isn't so great on it's own...meh...but melted in between two slices of sourdough breaded slathered with EB... phenomenal. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. As you probably already know from 50 million other blogs, it melts very well. It was so nice biting into the crispy, buttery sourdough and creamy teese. Oh yum yum yum, I can't wait to try it on pizza and use it in dishes that call for a vegan cheese.

I knew that we couldn't take a grilled sandwich to work for lunch, so I also made the lentil soup from YRR. I love to make soups (and cannot wait to try the Curry Eggplant Soup from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen) and lentil is one of my favorites because it's SO EASY and tastes great. I didn't get a photo of it, certains soups don't photograph well and this is one of them.

I did, however, get some photos of a fantastic pasta I made for dinner this evening. It was very simple and came out just right. The only thing that could have made it better would be the addition of some fresh diced tomatoes, mmmm.

Everything came together so easy; it was just Orecchiette pasta, sauteed garlic w/ cannellini beans and spinach pesto (I never add salt or lemon juice: spinach, walnuts, garlic, nooch and olive oil). I did add some small chunks of teese to it, to make it creamy. Mondo gave it the thumbs up between 'mmmm's'. We don't eat pasta that often (like once a month if that), so I don't feel too guilty that this is pretty high in fat. The taste made it so worth it!

Is anyone else going to Sevenanda this weekend, for the ORGANICA! '08:Spring Harvest Market? We're going to be there, while trying to see what Criminal Records has on sale for Record Store Day.

I love spring; always something to do!

Monday, April 14, 2008

World Peace *can* be done, Cro-Mags

Early Saturday afternoon, the hubs and I went out to eat at World Peace Cafe. It was our second time eating there and we thoroughly enjoyed it! A little pricey, I think, but our meal (and desserts) were excellent!

We both had the 'World Peace Burger',
which is made fron savory organic vegetables and organic oats. Mondo had his plain (lettuce, tomato and vegannaise) and I had mine the same but with a slice of vegan cheese. It comes with a side of roasted potato wedges (which were a little underdone this time around). I ordered their 'Mock Mint Julep', which had an excellent taste and flavor, and Mondo had a bottle of Virgil's Cream Soda (which he proclaimed the best cream soda ever). We usually only drink water (and a lot of espresso/cuban coffee), so it was nice to mix things up.

I was stuffed by the time I finished my meal, but there was still dessert to be had (I swear I'm cutting back on sweets this week). I chose the Chocolate Almond cake and Mondo had a slice of their Strawberry cake. Oh boy, so delicious. I could only find room for a few bites, so I decided to take the rest home with me and to enjoy all over again later that night. Yumm!!

Yesterday was dog adoptions (I volunteer every Sunday for about 5 hours with a local animal rescue group, Animal Action Rescue) and by the end of the day I was pooped. I drove over to Cosmos (and got lost 2x, even though I know exactly where they are) and arrived 30 minutes too late. No worries, I will be there Tuesday night after work to pickup some Teese(!!), their new tote bag and some other vegan goodies! I was too tired to cook last night, so Mondo warmed up some of the tofu scramble I made that morning and stuffed it into some pita pockets (I love everything in a pita). Very delicious!
I'm pretty excited about seeing The Goonies and Eraserhead on the big screen next month! Plaza Theater is so amazingly awesome. Seeing Pere Ubu perform a live underscore there last month for 'X - The Man With X-Ray Eyes' was fantastic and every single movie we've seen there since moving here has been fun (with the exception of the awful Diary of the Dead, but Mondo loves horror/zombie movies).

I'm lovin' Atlanta so much right now!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gene Baur, Baked Goods & Two Dinners

I am really excited about attending this! Anyone else going?

Well, I ended up making blueberry muffins last night as opposed to Tuesday night. I was really tired and wanted to finish watching 'Night of the Comet' with Mondo. I think the muffins turned out sucky, but Mondo ate 2 last night, then 2 more in the middle of the night and 2 this morning. I guess he liked them. I wasn't paying attention while making them and forgot to add baking powder, so they ended up being short and dense. I tried to salvage them by making a fattening topping, which consisted of EB, brown sugar and a little flour. It helped, apparently.

There was some purple cabbage in the fridge that I had forgotten about and looked like it was about to go bad. I searched for a yummy recipe in a cookbook I checked out from the library and found a wilted sesame cabbage dish. Amazing.

It turned out so nice that I couldn't stop snacking on the cabbage while I was preparing the tofu. It was a really simple to make too and was dressed with just sesame oil, rice vinegar, grated ginger, tamari and sesame seeds. Mmmm! I started to cook some cranberry beans, but I have a short attention span and was chasing my dogs around the house and let them burn (the beans). Oh well. I pan fried some tofu I had been pressing for an hour and then let it chill in some peanut sauce for awhile. Very tasty!

Tonight I decided to try out a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies that involves Tofutti Cream Cheese. And then I wonder why I keep gaining weight...hmm.

These turned out so awesome!! They were very soft and rich, yumm! I wish I would've added walnuts, but I completely forgot I had some in the freezer. I will definitely make these again. Luckily I live with a food vacuum, so I'm sure he'll have eaten all of them before I can eat anymore.

I really think this will be one of the last things I bake for awhile (I've packed on some pounds). It's a good thing they turned out so well; I can go out with a bang!

On to dinner! We were craving tempeh wingz so I decided to make that tonight, but with BBQ sauce in place of hot sauce. I realized I didn't have a lot of panko bread crumbs left, but that's cool - make do with what I've got! They turned out tasty as usual and we had some basic sides: mashed potatoes and corn.

Ahhh. A very satisfying 2 days worth of food. I leave you with another shot of the cookies and another shot of my sassy little Ruby Lynn (I swear P-Bo, my dachshund, is going to hate me if I don't put a photo of him up here soon!).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quick Dinner

I had a crazy day (and I work with annoying people) so the last thing I wanted to do tonight was make a big dinner. Just something super simple that required as little of my time as possible (because i'm going to make blueberry muffins later, woohoo!!).

We swung by Trader Joe's on the way home (I haven't been there in forever it seems like, months at least). I grabbed some hummus, tabouli and these yummy looking 'vegetable masala' burgers. Oh, and a chocolate bar...because i'm addicted to sweets.

I made a small side salad to eat before the burgers. Some romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, sliced avocado topped off with a creamy ceaser dressing I made last week.

Then came the burgers - they were so cute! I wish I would have taken a photo of them before I cooked them. They were really golden and filled with veggies and just smelled great. The burgers are made from potatoes, carrots, green beans, corn, bell peppers and "indian" spices. I panfried them, my fave way to cook a burger. Mondo and I differed on how we wanted it plated. He wanted it on a hamburger bun, we had none I soon realized, so he opted for some ciabatta rolls we had from the farmers market. He liked his plain, with just some vegannaise slathered on.

I wasn't in the mood for that, so I opted for mine on pita. I sliced it in half and spread some hummus on the bottom portions, chopped up the veggie patty a bit and stuffed it in there and piled some tabouli on top. I suppose I could have used a chutney or yogurt sauce to keep it 'authentic', but I was really craving this and it tasted perfect!

Usually I make my own burgers from different ingredients (beans, lentils, etc), but I would love to keep these on hand for nights like these! Such a wonderful flavor and texture! I kind of get grossed out by meaty looking vegan burgers, because they look so real and have a similar texture to meat. These reminded me of a potato cake or something similar.

Dinner was good and is now out of the way, so on to making blueberry muffins! I'll be sure to post the results later. I leave you with a funny picture of one of our dogs, Ruby Lynn. She's trying to help out with the recycling by cleaning out the empty peanut butter jar. Such a helper.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Soupity soup

Good soup sure puts a smile on my face! It seems like such a simple dish, but it can be so flavorful and filling. I enjoy making soups even more now with my new trusty immersion blender!!

I made yummy Pumpkin Leek soup tonight, from the recipe Vegilicious! posted on her blog awhile back. This is my second time making it and it came out so much better this time around. Last time I peeled the potatoes, because I wanted the soup to be creamier - but this time I left the skin on (for the extra vitamins) and it came out so thick and wonderful!

I also pureed the leeks I had sauteed seperately into the soup, because Mondo asked me to last time. That made a difference, too. This became one of the most flavorful soups I have ever made; Mondo declared it to be 'the best soup ever'.

We had some coconut milk leftover from a lentil dish I made last week, so I was interested in swirling a bit in to see how it would taste. I don't think i'll do it again; it wasn't bad - I just don't think the flavors jive so well. Plus it didn't make a pretty swirl like I had hoped it would!

Another great thing about making soup is all the leftovers it leaves you! We always brown bag it for lunch at work in order to save some dough, so this made enough for 2 days worth of lunch for both of us. Score!

I think Mondo is pretty pumped about me having a blog. He already wants to make his amazing (and sugar filled) Café au lait this weekend and photograph it for the blog. He can make some pretty rad cinnamon designs for it! I can't wait to see what he comes up with now!

Atlanta Vegan Potluck!!

This was so much fun. Look at how much fun we're having! I love meeting new people and everyone who came out was so rad and brought an amazing dish!

I know I've sent e-mails and all that, but I wanted to say thanks everyone for coming out yesterday! I can't wait to have another one :-)

My dish was the Goddess Pasta Salad from Yellow Rose Recipes. I think it turned out really well (the last time I made it I thought it'd be cool to put 6 cloves of garlic in it. not cool whatsoever). My favorite dish though was the macncheese that my friend Lori from Pleasantly Plump Vegan brought. So delish. Laurie from The PPK brought 4 dozen cupcakes: Pink Lemonade, Root Beer, Chocolate (super super chocolate) and Chick-O-Stick!!

Idalys from Dulce Vegan brought the most awesome Pineapple Upside Down cake EVER. I think everyone was in agreement, as evidenced by the photo above.

I think we had about 25 folks out and that was the perfect amount to fit at the picnic tables! The weather was perfect too, not too hot with a nice breeze. I was so worried that it was going to rain or that the pavilion would be taken by someone else; but everything worked out in my favor for the day! Success!
I was up until 2am with a sugar rush from all the desserts I ate!! That was pretty fun and it was totally worth it. Next time around I want to see if people would be interested in bringing copies of the recipe for the dish they bring. There were so many yummy things there, like the super tasty broccoli cauliflower salad that Leigh brought (along with the strawberry no-bake pie). I'm so glad she posted the recipe on her blog!

Here are some cute photos of the lovely people who attended the potluck followed up by the dishes they brought. We had tempeh w/ a miso-tahini dipping sauce, citrus rice, a mango rice dish, assortments of pasta dishes, potato salad, hummus (saba hummus, killer!) & chips, 7-layer dip, chickpea salad, sliced fresh fruit and so much more!! I look forward to more potlucks and to hanging out with all of these awesome Atlanta vegans!