Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quick Dinner

I had a crazy day (and I work with annoying people) so the last thing I wanted to do tonight was make a big dinner. Just something super simple that required as little of my time as possible (because i'm going to make blueberry muffins later, woohoo!!).

We swung by Trader Joe's on the way home (I haven't been there in forever it seems like, months at least). I grabbed some hummus, tabouli and these yummy looking 'vegetable masala' burgers. Oh, and a chocolate bar...because i'm addicted to sweets.

I made a small side salad to eat before the burgers. Some romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, sliced avocado topped off with a creamy ceaser dressing I made last week.

Then came the burgers - they were so cute! I wish I would have taken a photo of them before I cooked them. They were really golden and filled with veggies and just smelled great. The burgers are made from potatoes, carrots, green beans, corn, bell peppers and "indian" spices. I panfried them, my fave way to cook a burger. Mondo and I differed on how we wanted it plated. He wanted it on a hamburger bun, we had none I soon realized, so he opted for some ciabatta rolls we had from the farmers market. He liked his plain, with just some vegannaise slathered on.

I wasn't in the mood for that, so I opted for mine on pita. I sliced it in half and spread some hummus on the bottom portions, chopped up the veggie patty a bit and stuffed it in there and piled some tabouli on top. I suppose I could have used a chutney or yogurt sauce to keep it 'authentic', but I was really craving this and it tasted perfect!

Usually I make my own burgers from different ingredients (beans, lentils, etc), but I would love to keep these on hand for nights like these! Such a wonderful flavor and texture! I kind of get grossed out by meaty looking vegan burgers, because they look so real and have a similar texture to meat. These reminded me of a potato cake or something similar.

Dinner was good and is now out of the way, so on to making blueberry muffins! I'll be sure to post the results later. I leave you with a funny picture of one of our dogs, Ruby Lynn. She's trying to help out with the recycling by cleaning out the empty peanut butter jar. Such a helper.


Leigh said...

Aww, look at Ruby Lynn! She is a very good helper!

pleasantly plump vegan said...

yum, the pita burgers look amazing!
yr dog is so freakin cute! i gotta remember that trick for peanut butter jars.

Ashley Nicole said...

Yeah, Ruby Lynn is a very good helper!! She's a fan of finding bugs and letting us know about it, too.

I'm glad I can dream about those yummy pita burgers, cause I had trader joes canned chili for lunch and it was really yucky.

textual bulldog said...

cute dog!!! ooh, and i just bought some of those burgers, so i'm happy to see this good review!