Monday, April 14, 2008

World Peace *can* be done, Cro-Mags

Early Saturday afternoon, the hubs and I went out to eat at World Peace Cafe. It was our second time eating there and we thoroughly enjoyed it! A little pricey, I think, but our meal (and desserts) were excellent!

We both had the 'World Peace Burger',
which is made fron savory organic vegetables and organic oats. Mondo had his plain (lettuce, tomato and vegannaise) and I had mine the same but with a slice of vegan cheese. It comes with a side of roasted potato wedges (which were a little underdone this time around). I ordered their 'Mock Mint Julep', which had an excellent taste and flavor, and Mondo had a bottle of Virgil's Cream Soda (which he proclaimed the best cream soda ever). We usually only drink water (and a lot of espresso/cuban coffee), so it was nice to mix things up.

I was stuffed by the time I finished my meal, but there was still dessert to be had (I swear I'm cutting back on sweets this week). I chose the Chocolate Almond cake and Mondo had a slice of their Strawberry cake. Oh boy, so delicious. I could only find room for a few bites, so I decided to take the rest home with me and to enjoy all over again later that night. Yumm!!

Yesterday was dog adoptions (I volunteer every Sunday for about 5 hours with a local animal rescue group, Animal Action Rescue) and by the end of the day I was pooped. I drove over to Cosmos (and got lost 2x, even though I know exactly where they are) and arrived 30 minutes too late. No worries, I will be there Tuesday night after work to pickup some Teese(!!), their new tote bag and some other vegan goodies! I was too tired to cook last night, so Mondo warmed up some of the tofu scramble I made that morning and stuffed it into some pita pockets (I love everything in a pita). Very delicious!
I'm pretty excited about seeing The Goonies and Eraserhead on the big screen next month! Plaza Theater is so amazingly awesome. Seeing Pere Ubu perform a live underscore there last month for 'X - The Man With X-Ray Eyes' was fantastic and every single movie we've seen there since moving here has been fun (with the exception of the awful Diary of the Dead, but Mondo loves horror/zombie movies).

I'm lovin' Atlanta so much right now!


Mihl said...

Sounds like a great restaurant. And those cakes...yummy and perfect!

Jes said...

I went to World Peace Cafe for the vegan meetup a couple months back. Definitely impressed with their sandwiches. I think I got some kind of tomato avacado one...can't remember, but it was definitely delish! Too bad it's so far out of town!

Vegan Invasion! (Ashley Nicole) said...

Oh wow, there was a vegan meetup there? Sounds fun!
Tomato avocado sounds like a really good combination!
Yeah, it's a bit of a trek for us too (we're near kirkwood/east atlanta in east lake terrace) - but it always ends up being worth it!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Hell yeah, "Goonies"!!! Haha. We have a theatre in my neck of the woods that plays a different old movie each week. It's so fun!! We went to "The Goonies" last summer, and it was just awesome to see it on the big screen, even though I've seen it at home about 1 billion times.

Those cakes look A-MA-ZING! Yowza.

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Ooh, P.S. Good for you for volunteering with that animal action league. That's really cool!

Liz² said...

you saw Pere Ubu??? eek, so awesome! and those cakes look perfect!