Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Their names should be Trouble. I can't get mad at them because they're so cute, but ohmygosh are they are a handful and a half! It's the dachshund in them, so mischievous! Thankfully I can bring them to work with me so I can keep an eye on them (and play with them)!

This was fantastic. I made TJ's '17 Bean and Barley Soup' one night last week (I like soup, who cares if it's hot out). I decided to split the soup up for lunches for us to take to work and it worked out well, the soup kept us very full in the afternoon and was delicious!

It was super easy to make and I really enjoy meals like that. I soaked the beans and barley overnight and sauteed some onions, red bell peppers, garlic and carrots (I left out the celery it recommended, because celery is evil). Added the veggies to the pot of beans, tossed in some vegan bouillon cubes added 8 cups of water and a can of diced tomatoes and let it cook for about an hour + over medium heat. I didn't care of the look of the soup and didn't want to deal with trying to fit a variety of beans on my spoon when it came time to eat it, so I blended that soup like there was no tomorrow (I love you immersion blender!). Excellent idea. Creamy beany goodness. It tastes great (almost chili like) and has an insane amount of fiber in it.

Just some steel cut oatmeal I made last week. I chopped up some dried apricots and medjool dates and added it to the oatmeal along with some walnuts, agave nectar and spices. This was my first time having steel cut oats and I am such a fan now! I'd love to have this for breakfast during the weekend (rather than stuffing our faces with the delicious, but not super healthy, brunch at Soul Vegetarian).

This past weekend was uber crazy. The weather fluctuated from a disaster to beautiful to weird. I got SO MUCH stuff done around the house, it was insane. I cleaned the entire house and re-organized the kitchen and set aside a bunch of items to be donated. It felt so good to get the house in order (especially when my life doesn't feel like it is) and to get the week off to a good start. Saturday afternoon I met up w/ my pals Lori (thanks again for the awesome mix cd!!) & Jared at SOPO Bicycle Co-Op. I'm in the market for a bike because I'm so done with driving to work. Mondo takes public transportation to work, so I'm going to ride along with him and take a train as close as I can get and bike the rest of the way. I'm really appreciative of them coming out with me Saturday, as I know nothing about bikes and Jared knows a lot. I didn't have much luck finding anything (except a bike that was already on hold for someone) so I'm searching craigslist and other websites.

Mondo wasn't feeling well (due to eating a pan full of espresso chocolate chip cookie dough brownies), so I made something fairly simple for dinner (in my mind at least). I sauteed some kale with garlic, olive oil and sea salt and served it alongside some Chickpeas in Red Lentil and Eggplant sauce served over some barley. Wowza. Soo good. I have some with me for lunch today and can't wait to eat it again!

I wasn't in the mood for dinner last night and had way too much energy, so I decided to bake. Well technically this is a no-bake pie, but whatever. I made the No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie from The Joy of Vegan Baking. I couldn't believe how ridiculously easy it was to make and it was set in less than 2 hours (although I'd recommend waiting overnight to have a little slice, as mine wasn't cold enough for my liking). I really enjoyed the texture and flavor of it (like a peanut butter cup!), so this will definitely be on my go to list of super easy desserts to make again.

While that was chilling in the fridge I got the idea to make the zucchini muffins from Yellow Rose Recipes using the zucchini that was about to go bad in my fridge. Yeah, too late. So, I had already started mixing the ingredients (I don't prep beforehand, maybe I should?) when I realized there would be no zucchini for these zucchini muffins and decided to turn them into Coconut Lime Raisin Walnut muffins! I'm glad I made them because they turned out delicious!! I followed the YRR muffin recipe and subbed coconut for the zucchini and lime for the lemon zest (and added some lime juice). YUMM!! It's like biting into awesomeness (yeah, I suck at descriptions). *I forgot to mention that I subbed spelt flour for all-purpose flour in this recipe*

Oh and here are some shots from the bird sanctuary we visited Sunday morning. We happened to drive by it one day while wondering around Atlanta and figured it would be something small (since it was basically a median between two roads) but WHOA we were not expecting creeks, waterfalls and bridges! It was so beautiful and tranquil and we can't wait to go back! We didn't snap any photos of birds (we were probably being too loud running around chasing each other) but hope to next time!


Leigh said...

A pan full of espresso chocolate chip cookie dough brownies? Yeah, that'll do it. :D
What cute puppies!!!

Mihl said...

Don't post puppies, people will ignore your foods!

Just kidding, everything looks great, especially the pie!

laurie said...

cute puppies! that's cool you can take them to work. i'd never get anything done!

where is that bird sanctuary?! it looks beautiful!

Happy Herbivore! said...

ADORE the pups! (and those garden pics - WOW)

Happy Herbivore! said...

i still want to cuddle those pups!

Jes said...

Such cute puppies!!!

Where is that bird sanctuary at? I would love to find it and tromp around while the weather's still nice.

Vegan Invasion! (Ashley Nicole) said...

The bird sanctuary is in Druid Hills (here's a map!):


Drive/bike slowly - it's easy to miss unless you spot the little sign by the entrance!

We had so much fun and can't wait to go back. The area is pretty stuffy (the houses are ridiculously HUGE) but nobody else was there or bothered us.

pleasantly plump vegan said...

oooo, puppies!!!!
i would LOVE that bean soup.
and yr welcome for the cd. glad you like it so much.

Anonymous said...

Yay for puppies! Very cute.

I love steel cut oats. So much better than regular. Also, I must admit I stared wistfully at your no-bake pie for a good minute. haha

Vegan_Noodle said...

I want to read the rest of the post, but I keep staring at that pie....